Kirill Topolyan


About me

Hi. My name is Kirill Topolyan, my skills include creation and maintenance of websites, and SEO.
I am a young man from Ukraine, besides IT I'm interested in philosophy, politics, history and other things.

It would be great if I can help you. For example I can create a site for just a few hundred dollars. I am willing to help in any way. No job is too small.

I want to develop Internet and IT industry in general.
I don't work with sellers of tobacco or alcohol, or online casinos, etc.

About work

I have experience with my own sites, customer sites and my own company. Now I closed my company and start to work personal with Western clients.

Besides freelance, I can join your team as a web developer or seo specialist.
I know html, css, js, php, I also know all about SEO. I have experience with various frameworks and CMS. And I'm always learning.

My moral character is the lack of laziness, honesty, responsibility.

Write me

Send me an email about your project or just to get know me better:
Also, my skype login: k_topolyan.