Kirill Topolyan

Web developer, webmaster

About me

Hi. My name is Kirill Topolyan, I love the Web and technologies, I have worked a lot with websites and web services.

Currently I live in Ukraine. Besides IT, I'm interested in philosophy, science, history and other things.

It would be great if I can help you. Do you need a website for your company or need custom web development for your startup? It's job for me.

About work

I have a lot of experience with customer websites and my own sites. For example I have worked a lot with such CMS as Wordpress. Also, I have considerable experience in SEO/SEM.

I am willing to help in any way, it may be a large project or even a small HTML/CSS/whatever fix. You can rely on my responsibility.

For the custom web development I prefer to use Ruby on Rails and also AngularJS, though it's not limited to my skills and technologies with that I worked.

Write me

Send me an email about your project or just to get know me better:
Also, my skype login: k_topolyan.